Terri: Hi, my name is Terri. A little over a year ago I came to see Dr. Klauer because I was having constant headaches every day; I’d wake up with them. I’d have them at work, any times we went to a special event, I would have them. I would have severe eye pain and vomiting with them.

I talked to my future son-in-law who is an endodontist, and he suggested that I see a specialist in TMJ. So, I came to Dr. Klauer, and on the first visit I immediately had relief. He gave me a temporary appliance, and I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling.

I saw Dr. Klauer for several months. He made a mouthpiece for me that I wear. I was also sent to an ENT to have my nose taken a look at, and I’ve had that repaired. And ever since that, I have felt great.

I do not have headaches anymore. I don’t dread going anywhere, because I know I’m going to feel good. It has just been a really positive experience, and I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t see Dr. Klauer back in last October.

So, I would recommend anybody that’s having issues to seek help — because there is help out there for you.