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Our team dedicated team is committed to providing comfort, guidance, and the best patient experience possible.

Clinical Collaborators

Dr. Anil Rama (Remote)

A world-renowned, board-certified sleep physician, Dr. Rama has joined TMJ as a virtual team member to diagnose sleep disorders, facilitate sleep studies, and meet with clients through telehealth appointments. He serves as an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, where he won the 2021 Stanford Distinguished Service Award (the only one awarded that year). He founded Sleep and Brain, a clinic that takes a holistic approach to sleep issues, and previously served as…

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Dr. Mark Cantieri

Dr. Cantieri grew up three doors away from Johnny Carson (after he moved). Just like his former would-be neighbor, he knew early on what he wanted to be (a doctor, not a late-night talk show host). With his passion for medicine in tow, he left his small farming town in southwest Iowa for Creighton University, Des Moines University, and the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery (but not all at the same time). He then headed even further east (to…

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Coordinator helps our patients better understand their treatment and benefit options. Additionally, she assists patients in navigating the referral process throughout therapy, allowing patients to spend their energy on what matters most: achieving


Jillian has had addresses in Cincinnati, Myrtle Beach, and Tampa, but Michiana is home. A Purdue University graduate, she believes in getting out of one’s comfort zone, because that’s where the growth happens. Jillian loves reading, writing, and exploring new places (in and out of her comfort zone). She’d choose flight as her superpower, which would come in handy when she’s visiting her favorite place: the beach.

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The Practice Administrators for the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre manage all office logistics to ensure efficient operation within the practice. Most importantly, they work daily as advocates for our patients in our referral network to ensure that the proper next steps are taken for their long-term health.


Nicole’s love language is quality time, which is why she owns an Oprah couch (where she hangs out with her daughter and chats with friends and family). She’s passionate about helping her company grow and thrive (which is one of the reasons she would telekinetically send good vibes to others as her superpower). She dreams of one day owning a home with a full wrap-around porch (with plenty of room for more Oprah couches).

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When Ash was a child, she dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. She decided to swap aquatic life for people, working in the service industry for a decade before venturing into the world of dental health. She’s also a mom, a role that fills her with joy and pride. She loves Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, and the wide-open spaces of Montana and Wyoming (though there’s not nearly enough aquatic life there).

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Liz grew up in Michiana and returned after 16 years away because her family is here (and coincidentally, so is TMJ). Her offbeat sense of humor would take center stage at an office talent show (and make the model teeth chatter at every punchline). If she invented a holiday, it would revolve around dogs (probably hers, who she snuggles in her free time). When she’s not working or snuggling her dogs, she’s biking, hiking, and standup paddleboarding (to a soundtrack…

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Our development team helps the community better understand the conditions that Dr. Klauer and his team diagnose and treat in children and adults. They work with this area’s medical and dental communities to ensure that we support their practices, and thus their patients, in the most beneficial way possible. The ultimate goal of this team is to bridge communication between the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre and those we serve with the goal of being a true wellness resource for our community.


Bridget hails from Monroe, MI, a small town on Lake Erie (that only the people who live there have heard of). After attending Saint Mary’s College, she discovered a knack for coordinating, working as a Sales Coordinator, a Marketing & Special Events Coordinator, and a Clinical Practice Marketing Coordinator before joining the TMJ team. She’s so good at coordinating she’d wow her co-workers with her coordinated ballroom dance steps at the company talent show. She embraces her creative side whenever…

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Our clinical assistants have been thoroughly trained to assist in diagnosing and treating those seeking our help at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. Our patients will tell you that their empathetic nature, professional demeanor, and clinical expertise make them extensions of Dr. Klauer. Whether collecting data for new patients or tracking progress and executing the next steps, their goal is to ensure open communication, clinical excellence, and a smooth (and fun) therapeutic process for our patients.


Before moving to the area with her husband, Kelly had to Google how to spell “Mishawaka.” When she was a child, she wanted to be a teacher (which is why she gathered her dolls in front of her chalkboard full of lesson plans). The first warm and sunny day after a long winter brings her joy, as does her 10-year-old Shih Tzu, Scruff. She’d love to be an Airbnb host in fun cities around the U.S. (and would write house…

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Lolo loves many things, including Saturday mornings (high-five to the weekend), Alaska (where she hopes to honeymoon one day), and babies (she’d invent a holiday just to celebrate them). Helping patients live without pain feeds her fire, while hanging out with her family and listening to the classics from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s feeds her soul. She can’t wait to be a mom in the future (where she’ll celebrate her own babies every day).

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Paige loves her adopted home state of Michigan so much she wants to own 50 acres of land up north (that she’d fill with family, Dobermans, and whiskey). She likes exploring the Upper Peninsula with her husband and dogs (Dobermans), kayaking on various Michigan lakes, and discovering new bars and restaurants (the closer to a lake, the better). Even though she has degrees in psychology and business (and a background in volleyball), she’s passionate about dental health and implores everyone…

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Clinical Team 


Ethel gets her name — and her nickname, Ekie — from her grandmother, who also inspired her to fill her soul with gratitude. It’s probably why Ekie has had a lifelong dream of serving in the Peace Corps (and why she’d invent a holiday called Unreasonably Awesome Acts of Generosity and Kindness Day). She finds joy in watching her friends’ band perform, seeing her children grow into good, kind people, and visiting the Weeki Wachee River in Florida (which is…

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Brooke hails from Niles, Michigan (where Muhammad Ali’s son Asaad went to school) and stayed in Michiana because she loves her career. If TMJ held a talent competition, Brooke would wow everyone with her organizational skills (like arranging her co-workers in alphabetical order). She adores her goldendoodles Bower and Cooper and likes visiting her favorite place, Zion National Park (but only after she’s traveled to national parks that start with A–Y).

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Ariel is a South Bend native and Ivy Tech grad who lives by a wise adage: “Never let anyone treat you like regular glue, because you’re glitter glue.” If she could create her own holiday, she’d call it Self-Care Day (and send everyone to a spa for 24 hours). When she’s not imagining herself as a superhero with the gift of flight, she’s listening to Chris Isaak, loving on her goldendoodle Lady, and enjoying (teeth-friendly) snacks.

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