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Clinical Collaborators

Dr. Anil Rama (Remote)

A world-renowned, board-certified sleep physician, Dr. Rama has joined TMJ as a virtual team member to diagnose sleep disorders, facilitate sleep studies, and meet with clients through telehealth appointments. He serves as an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, where he won the 2021 Stanford Distinguished Service Award (the only one awarded that year). He founded Sleep and Brain, a clinic that takes a holistic approach to sleep issues, and previously served as…

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Originally from Mexico City (and with an accent like Sofia Vergara’s), Pamela has called Fort Wayne home since middle school. After getting a degree in criminal justice, she pivoted to working in dental practices, a career she’s held for nearly 15 years. She’s a proud foodie who loves to travel, is learning Italian, and would choose the kindest superpower of all (to make sad people happy).

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Practice Administration 


Sophia was born in Fort Wayne but grew up in Florida, Texas, and California (the warm weather called and she answered). She returned to Fort Wayne to be closer to family (which meant being in a long-distance relationship with her favorite place, Disney World). She loves the sunshine, hanging out with her dogs Mickey and Minnie, and dreaming about being a superhero with the ability to read people’s minds (bonus points if they’re thinking about Disney characters).

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Clinical Team


Nicole loves small-town living and the fact that her commute to the office is only 25 minutes. If she had a superpower, she’d choose teleportation (which would make commuting even easier). She’s been a dental assistant for nearly 20 years and still finds the field fascinating (almost as fascinating as her children’s sporting events). If the office held a talent show, she’d brush off her tap-dancing skills (and then tap dance to the beach with her kids).

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When Jordan was a child, she dreamed of being a dental hygienist (but bristled at the thought of cleaning teeth all day). In her current role, she still gets to practice her passion for dental health (just with less scraping). She’s so passionate about spending time with her family that she’d turn the activity into a holiday and then celebrate it at her favorite place (anywhere with a beach).

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