• BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  • DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine)

Dr. Sahar Hameed

If there were Oscar Awards for Dentistry, Dr. Sahar would thank multiple mentors in her acceptance speech (and keep thanking them even as the orchestra played). Dr. Dinaz Gandhi, her oral surgery professor in Pakistan, taught her to look beyond teeth to the patients themselves. Dr. Louis Tarnoff at Temple University (where she earned her DMD) reminded her of the why behind the work — to give a piece of the patient’s life to back to them. And Dr. Klauer, Dr. Olmos, and Dr. Phelps have guided her toward forming the best strategies for patient care.

Born in Saudi Arabia to Pakistani parents who worked for an American company, Dr. Sahar moves seamlessly among her three cultures, and would choose teleportation as her superpower (so she could move even more seamlessly through all the cultures of the world).

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