Conditions Can’t Be Treated If They Aren’t Diagnosed

April 8, 2019

Recently, three Canadians were concerned that repeated sleepless nights could be negatively affecting their health. When approached by The National (CBC) they jumped at the opportunity to use a home-based test to get information on their sleep habits. They had already compared notes with friends and knew that many of them also suffered from restless…


It’s More Dangerous Than You Realize

March 25, 2019

If you have one bad night’s sleep, you may be able to recover relatively quickly. If sleep is but a distant memory, however, you’ve got problems. No matter what the cause of your sleep deprivation, you can count on one thing: You’ll pay with your health.



March 4, 2019

As a practice committed to overall health, we are proud to include Sally Hull among our team members. As a hospital nurse, Sally developed a passion for preventing chronic disease in her patients, leading her to pursue her master of science in nursing from Indiana University.


Is Your Child Mouth-Breathing?

February 18, 2019

Mouth-breathing is an abnormal breathing pattern capable of having a serious impact on your child’s health. Chronic mouth-breathing in children may cause problems such as an elongated face, stunted growth and development, behavioral issues, inadequate sleep, and misalignment or crowding of the teeth. Does your child breathe through their mouth? The team at TMJ &…


Common Misconceptions About Sleep

February 4, 2019

Sleep is a vital factor for good health. Getting proper rest helps to safeguard your mental and physical health. When your body goes too long without proper rest, you’re at risk of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. The team at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre wants to share some common sleep myths.


Is TMD Causing Your Facial Pain?

January 21, 2019

Are you having unexplained face pain? Maybe you’ve tried everything you could think of to treat your symptoms, but the pain won’t stay away. Although facial pain can have several causes, like trigeminal neuralgia, sinus infections, and migraines, it’s possible TMD is the problem.


Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing Awareness

January 5, 2019

One of the many joys in the life of a parent is watching their child sleep. When your child goes to bed, do you check on them during the night and watch them sleep for a while? Have you noticed problems such as snoring, mouth breathing, or restless sleep?


The Link Between OSA and Type 2 Diabetes

December 24, 2018

Did you know there’s a link between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and type 2 diabetes? Many people with obstructive sleep apnea also have type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar is the connection the two conditions have in common. Also, they share risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease.