Getting To The Root Of The Issue

July 6, 2020

TMD and sleep apnea are common health issues that occur for a variety of reasons. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for these conditions, either. Our team tries to be extremely comprehensive and thorough when we evaluate our patients. We’ve found that 95% of an effective treatment is dependent on a proper diagnosis. We don’t simply look to put a bandaid or mask on the problem, we get to the underlying issue so as to find a permanent solution.


Virtual Consultations

June 15, 2020

Have you been thinking of treating your sleep apnea or TMD, but are uncertain of coming into the office? We offer free virtual consults so you can get the same great service in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or cell phone and internet connection.


Yoga And TMD

June 5, 2020

Some of our patients being treated for TMD have asked us if there is anything they can do at home to help compliment the therapy they receive from our office. For TMD patients, we found that one activity in particular has brought some added relief and boosted their overall quality of life in ways they didn’t expect.


Long-Term Outlook: When TMD Is Left Untreated

March 16, 2020

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) may start off as a small inconvenience. Headaches may come and go, and the jaw and facial pain relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. But the cause of the pain might be unknown, leaving an individual to think that it’s something they just have to deal with. TMD can occur for a number of reasons and the symptoms can range from annoying to debilitating pain.


TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre Sponsors 32nd Annual Nose-On Luncheon!

March 11, 2020

Get your green noses out! We are proud to be a sponsor of the 32nd Annual Great LOGAN Nose-On Luncheon on Monday, March 23 ath the Century Center. The event goes to support the LOGAN organization’s mission of advocating for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as their families, so that they may achieve their desired quality of life.


Weight Gain And Sleep Apnea

March 2, 2020

Sleep apnea can interfere with many areas of your life. Besides keeping your partner awake all night with your snoring, sleep apnea sufferers may experience constant fatigue during the day and even unexplained weight gain.


The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

February 17, 2020

People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are not only plagued by loud snoring and the constant waking at night, gasping for air, but their daytime activities are also greatly affected. Those who are sleep deficient are shown to be less productive at work and school.


Insomnia and Sleep Apnea

February 3, 2020

Sleep plays a critical role in maintaining good health. It helps protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and even your personal safety. Have you ever tried driving when you’re exhausted? Then you know you’re only putting yourself and others at risk. What’s more, quality sleep helps your brain function properly and allows your body to heal and fend off major health complications.