Jason: I came to Dr. Klauer’s office 3 months ago, hearing about this sleep therapy TMJ treatment. I have been running long distances for over a couple of years now, and I am into my first ultra-distance marathon, which is going to be a 50 miler through the woods. And I have had pretty severe knee pain, and Dr. Klauer said he can help me with that. So, I went through the treatment. I got a day orthotic appliance. I have been running 20 miles plus some almost every other day with no knee pain. I have not gone to chiropractor in 2 months, I feel great. My times are the fastest time I have had for a half marathon, 5k and also 20 milers that I have been training with. So, I definitely feel like the treatment has helped improve my running, my breathing. And also, I enjoyed the nighttime appliance because I do feel like I sleep better with that. And I am looking forward to getting the deviated septum surgery, which I will be getting in 2 weeks. I am hoping to clear all my airway issues at night and sleep better and that will hopefully continue to improve my health and improve my running. So, thank you Krystal and team and Doctor Klauer. I appreciate all the help, and good luck to those who are taking the next step.