Whether you have been referred to us by your general doctor or found us on your own, preparing for your initial appointment can help ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Knowing what to expect from your initial appointment, as well as tips on how to prepare for it, will help lessen any anxiety you might have. Your initial appointment includes 4 parts:



We will review your medical history: current medications, allergies, and medical conditions.

  • Please send over any applicable medical records prior to your appointment, such as x-rays, imaging, and scans.
  • Fill out our PATIENT HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE. You can do this online any time, but we ask that you return it within 72 hours to complete your registration and reserve your tentative consultation. If you wish to complete the form in our office, please let us know prior to your appointment and be sure to arrive 15 minutes early.



A comprehensive evaluation can include many things depending on your symptoms and medical history:

  • Structural evaluation
  • Evaluation of head and neck with detailed imaging
  • Joint Vibration Analysis
  • Root cause of jaw pain or limited range of motion
  • Evaluation of soft tissue inflammation or sensitivity
  • Evaluation of cranial structure, jaw joints, and soft tissue in the oral cavity as well as the surrounding and supporting tissues
  • Evaluation of nasal passages, airway patency, reported fatigue, and any other sleep related symptoms



  • When did your symptoms start?
  • What is the frequency, duration, intensity, and location of symptoms?
  • Was there a specific event associated with when your symptoms started?
  • Has there been a change in chief symptoms over time?
  • Do you have a history of jaw locking, jaw joint noise, or head/neck trauma?
  • Have you tried any previous treatments?
  • Does any family member have a diagnosis of Sleep Apnea?
  • Do you wake up frequently at night?
  • Have you ever been told you snore or stop breathing in your sleep?



We allow time in our schedule to clinically evaluate you in our office. If you are a candidate for treatment, your clinical findings and diagnosis also gives us the opportunity to begin your comprehensive treatment that same day.



Our providers are Fee For Service/Out of Network by necessity. Historically, medical insurance excludes coverage for conservative TMJ/Pain treatment and limits access to specific appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The best news is, your care at our office is not limited because we do not contract with insurance companies. You and the provider determine what is best for you versus the insurance company dictating your care.

Let Us Help!

If jaw pain, facial pain, or sleep disorders plague you, let us help! The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre has a treatment that will provide relief. From laser therapy and physical therapy to airway pressure machines and orthotic appliances, we will find a way to help you live your best life.

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