Diagnostic Technology

CBCT Imaging (iCAT FLX)

Cone Beam CT imaging evaluates the jaw joints, teeth, nasal passages, and airway in 3D.

TMJ and Sleep Therapy Medibyte WatchPAT medical devices

Home Sleep Test (Watch PAT, MediByte, SleepImage Ring)

Home sleep tests are commonly used by physicians to diagnose sleep-breathing disorders and validate treatment methods. It’s important to note that only a physician can diagnose some of the conditions we treat, including obstructive sleep apnea. We utilize two different home sleep tests, the WatchPAT ONE to diagnose sleep breathing disorders, and the Medibyte to validate the efficacy of the treatments we are employing.

TMJ and Sleep Therapy staff member standing next to a sitting patient receiving a joint vibration analysis

Joint Vibration Analysis (BioRESEARCH)

Joint Vibration Analysis electronically records the jaw joints’ vibrations to improve our diagnostic capabilities.

Pharnygometer/Rhinometer device


Acoustic Pharyngometer/Rhinometers are a tool that provides information on airway size and stability.

TMJ and Sleep Therapy staff capturing digital impressions of a patient's mouth

Digital Impressions

No more goop in the mouth!  Digital impressions replace traditional impressions making it easier for patients with gag reflexes and limited jaw opening.

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