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Dr. Aaron Light

Clinical Director

A native of Fort Wayne (and proud Hoosier), Dr. Light ventured downstate to earn his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Indiana University, then mid-state to earn his master’s degree in biology at IUPUI. He liked the state capital (and teeth) so much he stuck around to earn his Doctorate in Dental Surgery at Indiana Dental School. With his hometown calling, he headed back up state to fulfill his destiny (dentistry). He prides himself on practicing what he preaches (including flossing)…

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Jyl Trump, RDH


Jyl hails from just outside Sidney, Indiana (home to 129 people), which is slightly smaller than Sydney, Australia (home to 5.3 million people). After studying dental hygiene at IUSB, she became a myofunctional therapist, helping her patients improve issues like sleep-disordered breathing through oral and facial exercises. If she had a superpower, she’d choose telepathy (and silently communicate how to spell her name correctly). When she’s not assisting her TMJ clients, she’s spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren,…

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