Dr. Anil Rama (Remote)

A world-renowned, board-certified sleep physician, Dr. Rama has joined TMJ as a virtual team member to diagnose sleep disorders, facilitate sleep studies, and meet with clients through telehealth appointments. He serves as an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, where he won the 2021 Stanford Distinguished Service Award (the only one awarded that year). He founded Sleep and Brain, a clinic that takes a holistic approach to sleep issues, and previously served as the Medical Director of Kaiser Permanente’s Tertiary Sleep Medicine Laboratory. An editorial board member of the Sleep Science and Practice Journal, he’s contributed to books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and stories in national newspapers. When he’s not writing, lecturing, and meeting with TMJ patients virtually, he’s resting at home (with chamomile tea, down pillows, and Enya’s Greatest Hits).

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