Join us for an evening of celebrating your “PAL”entines!

most of us spend as much time with our coworkers as we do with our own families, so why not celebrate your work pals with happy hour, cookies, and free CE?!

A great deal has changed at TMJ & Sleep over the past 2 years. Come check it out as this course is for hygienists, assistants, physicians, and dentists to help you better understand your patients’ health issues.

Join us for a chance to win a Valentine’s gift basket valued at $300!

So, what’s new with TMJ & Sleep?

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • New protocol for PRF and jaw joint dysfunction
  • New protocol for diagnostic home sleep testing in adults and children with Board Certified Sleep Physician
  • How to help your patients navigate the medical landscape to get their problems addressed
  • New trends in Myofunctional Therapy and its utilization in adults and children
  • Non-surgical tongue tie and lip tie releases… yes, we can release without cutting!
  • Why a patient would start orthopedic development at 4-6 years old versus 10-12 years old

The reality is, as a dental hygienist, routine dental care gives you a front row seat into identifying signs and symptoms of TMD, craniofacial pain, headaches, migraines and sleep disordered breathing. No other place in healthcare does a provider get to spend 30-60 minutes with a patient 2x a year, The ADA practice parameters came out in 2017 stating that dental practitioners need to be screening for these dysfunctions. The problem is that most educational institutions do not provide this training thus there is a gap to fill. In this 90-minute interactive CE event, Dr. Klauer and his team will update you on what you need to know. You will leave this event armed with some new tools, information and a better understanding of how much you can impact your patients overall well-being.


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Request your copy of Dr. Klauer’s book for TMD and Sleep Apnea solutions at your appointment or order it today.