We know how this goes.

You print out the Weekly Meal Planner and complete your Grocery List.

You arrive at the store and with a hot tea in hand you are going to change the trajectory of your family’s health through food TODAY!  It’s going to happen TODAY!

Then it happens.  The second guessing.

‘Is my 5 year old really going to eat this?  What about my husband?’

‘Is corn gluten free?  How many grams of sugar can I have?  Unrefined… and which dairy free cheese options did I see on that mom blog?’

You promise to modify to modify a few things and then next week it’s really going to happen.  It’s really going to happen. Next week.

Join Michelle (Certified TMJ Assistant & Nutrition/Exercise Enthusiast) for a look at how easy it can be to follow a deflame diet.

This FREE Guided Tour will include:

  • What CAN we eat?
  • Foods to try!
  • Label Reading
    • Gluten
    • Sugar
    • Carbs
  • Non Dairy Swaps
  • And Much Much More!

Tours take place at Martin’s Supermarket in Heritage Square, Granger.  All of the tours will cover the same information.  Maximum of 10 per tour, registration is required.  Please select the day and time then complete the registration form.  We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before so that we can start on time and meet in the fresh produce section.