Sleep Apnea in Children Can Be Cured!
Early detection equals easier treatment and better results.
We practice airway-driven dentofacial orthodontics for children. We know that proper facial development can be directed or corrected. Using custom designed orthopedic appliances and braces, we can develop the jaw, open the nasal and oral airway, correct the position of the teeth and skeletal symmetry to assist in full skeletal growth and correct structural abnormalities.

The good news is that sleep apnea in children can be cured! Because children are still growing, their structure can be directed for optimal developmental orthopedically. Dr. Klauer is trained in dental sleep medicine and structural, skeletal development. He is able to evaluate and determine the cause of your child’s sleep problems and provide treatment.

First line treatment for OSA includes removal of tonsils and adenoids when they are noticeably inflamed upon examination. It is essential that proper nasal breathing is maintained to prevent relapse and recurrence of OSA after treatment.

Dr. Klauer has devoted his practice to treating patients with sleep, pain, and breathing problems and will always advocate for the patient to receive the best, most current, and comprehensive treatments.