Your Insurance in Our Office

Daniel G. Klauer, DDS is not a participating provider with medical or dental insurance companies. As a courtesy, we would be happy to file any necessary insurance forms or documentation to assist the processing of claims.  Typically, TMJ and/or sleep breathing treatments are filed with medical insurance, however; some dental plans have limited coverage for TMJ – be sure to check with your dental carrier. We feel it is important for you to understand your plan and its payment allowances.

Once Dr. Klauer has developed a diagnosis and treatment plan for you, we will send the appropriate information to your insurance company to assist with required authorizations.  Please keep in mind no insurance plan covers all costs.

Most have member service representatives available to assist in understanding your plan’s specific benefits.  Since Dr. Klauer is an out of network provider, your insurance company may be unwilling to provide any other information than the basic plan benefits to our office. Insurance contracts are between you the member, employer and the insurance carrier.

We will attempt to obtain as much information as we can, however; the insurance company may limit the information they provide us. Therefore, we advise you to contact the insurance carrier to obtain the plan’s specific benefit information so you can make an informed and educated decision while creating a payment arrangement.