The team at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre has been carefully selected by Dr. Daniel Klauer. Each member brings a unique set of skills to provide all of our patients’ complete and comprehensive care.

Many patients suffer from pain that has burdened some for decades. We have completed extensive sensitivity training to be able to provide comfort and guidance to our patients so that they can recover and live a pain free life.

  • Daniel G. Klauer, DDS

    Dr. Klauer is pleased to provide the community with non-invasive treatment options for those suffering from TMD, Headaches, Facial Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing.  Patients have been seeking out his expertise for years and find comfort and relief from sometimes decades of pain and sleepless nights.

    Patients can expect to spend valuable time with Dr. Klauer and his team as they make it their work to understand how a pain free life and optimal sleep will positively impact their life.  He has designed the practice to be a soothing and serine environment where patients come to begin their journey to a pain free life.

    Dr. Klauer looks forward to meeting new patients and releasing them from pain!

Practice Administrator

The Practice Administrators for the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre manages all office logistics to ensure efficient operation within the practice.  Most importantly, they work daily as an advocate for our patients among our referral network to make certain that the proper next steps are taken for their long term health. 

  • Nicole

    Nicole loves when patients get released from treatment. Watching them leave the office on that last day feeling much better both physically and emotionally reminds her of how lucky she is to have her career. Nicole enjoys relaxing at home with her husband, step-daughter, and her dogs, Brutus and Whitney.

  • Ashton

    Ashton, Patient Concierge for the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, is focused to provide patients a top-notch experience through her inviting and friendly demeanor. With many years of experience in the hospitality world she offers an exceptional level of customer service that you may have experienced. Ashton enjoys spending her free time with her husband and their two dogs.

Treatment Coordinator

Our Treatment Coordinators help our patients to better understand their treatment and benefit options. Additionally, they assist patients in navigating the referral process throughout therapy, allowing patients to spend their energy on what matters most:  achieving optimal health! 

  • Jill

    Jill enjoys seeing her patients grow in happiness and confidence when they start to feel the effects of pain relief and restorative sleep.  She enjoys reading (Harry Potter is her favorite series), outdoor activities and going to her kids’ sporting events.

  • Jillian

    Jillian appreciates the great dynamic and friendship among the staff at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. She feels so rewarded by witnessing the patients’ transformations from start to end of treatment. Jillian has a great interest in fitness and nutrition and she enjoys meal prepping and building her own clean-eating recipes.

Practice Development

Our development team helps the community to better understand the conditions that Dr. Klauer and his team diagnose and treat in both children and adults. They work with this area’s medical and dental communities to ensure that we are supporting their practices, and thus their patients, in the most beneficial way possible.  The ultimate goal of this team is to bridge communication between the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre and those we serve with the goal of being a true wellness resource for our community. 

  • Christine

    Christine enjoys the opportunity to educate our community and this area’s providers about what Dr. Klauer and his team can do to help those struggling with TMJ pain and sleep disorders. She likes to see new patients leave the office after their first visit with a sense of relief because, for the first time, they feel truly confident that their pain and sleep issues can be addressed. When at home, Christine appreciates the opportunity to spend quality time with her husband and sons and is always up for entertaining other families at her home.

  • Samantha

    Samantha is the Marketing Manager for the practice. Her focus is to create awareness by educating providers and the community on TMJ disorders and sleep disorders for people of all ages. Samantha enjoys time outdoors with her family, especially her Golden Retriever.

Certified TMJ & Sleep Clinical Assistants

Our clinical assistants have been thoroughly trained to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of those seeking our help at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. Our patients will tell you that their empathetic nature, professional demeanor and clinical expertise truly make them extensions of Dr. Klauer. Whether collecting data for new patients or tracking progress and executing next steps, their goal is to ensure open communication, clinical excellence and a smooth (and fun) therapeutic process for our patients.

  • Krystal

    Krystal considers it a privilege to work with a thoughtful doctor who genuinely seeks to understand causes of patients’ pain rather than simply treating their symptoms. She is an exceptional trainer and is heavily sought after from practices nationwide. She spends her free time with family and friends, especially her sister and her family!

  • Michelle

    Michelle’s favorite part of the treatment process is the time at which patients are re-evaluated after receiving at least part of their treatment from Dr. Klauer. The before and after measurements and the updates on the patients’ quality of life gives her great satisfaction. Whether snowboarding, hiking, or running, Michelle loves being outside regardless of the season.

  • Kelly

    Kelly recently joined the practice coming from a decade in the orthodontic world. She is continually amazed that so many pieces of dentistry and orthodontics come together here at our practice. She finds pride in working with Dr. Klauer and the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre team. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog.

  • Tess

    Tess is passionate about treating TMD, craniofacial pain, and sleep disordered breathing. With her background in Exercise Science she loves seeing people walking away feeling better in all aspects of their life. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband.

  • Lauren

    Lauren started her career as an oral surgeon assistant before starting with TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in 2018. She pays strong attention to detail and organization so she keeps track of and orders clinical supplies for the practice. Lauren is inspired by helping our patients feel better and achieve life-long happiness once again. She enjoys spending her time with friends and family!

  • Megan

    Megan started with the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in 2018. Due to her strong organizational skills, Megan handles all supplies within the practice. She loves meeting new people as they begin their treatment with us and strongly supports patients as they begin their wellness journey. In her free time, you can find her outdoors with her husband and their dog.