Transforming a Generation: Diagnosing & Treating Airway & Sleep Problems in Pediatric Patients

World leaders in the diagnoses and treatment of sleep disordered breathing and airway will convene to address the most crucial of patients… The pediatric population.

Sleep Disordered Breathing can be prevented, avoided & sometimes cured in pediatric patients yet the access to qualified care is limited.  Please join Dr. Daniel Klauer from the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in welcoming key opinion leaders and experts to impact a generation to come.

Friday, November 17th, 2017


6 CE/CME’s Available

Breakfast & Lunch Provided

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Kevin Boyd, DDS M.Sc.

Darius Loghmanee, MD, FAAP, FAASM

Edmund Lipskis, DDS, MS


Agenda for the Day

  • 7am Registration and Breakfast
  • 8am Intro Dr. Daniel Klauer; The State of Sleep
    • Creating Awareness and Advocating for pediatric patients
    • Treating patients now who didn’t receive it as pediatric patients
    • Getting the message out to the medical community
    • Demand is high for airway/sleep treatment, we need more providers dedicated to the specialty
  • 8:30-10 Kevin Boyd – Pediatric Malocclusion, An Easily Identifiable Comorbidity of Sleep Disordered Breathing
    • How soon should children be treated for specific malocclusion traits that are known to be co-morbid with pediatric sleep disordered breathing (SBD)/ obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?
    • What are the published standards of care that delineate when a sleep study (overnight PSG or HST) should be recommended for a child who displays behavioral and/or physical traits that are known to be co-morbid with pediatric SDB/OSA?
    • What are some specific barriers to communication between orthodontists, general dentists, pediatric dentists and other health professionals who might be in a good position to identify a child with increased SDB/OSA risk.
  • 10:15-11:45 Darius Loghmanee – Sleep Disordered Breathing and Obstructive Sleep Apnea – A State of the Union on Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Appropriate Age-Related Treatment Plans
    • The Paradigm Shift of the PSG (Including teaching providers what to do with PSG and that more PCP’s need to order them)
    • Is the Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) the end all be all or is treatment needed when there is no formal diagnosis of OSA (Is this where we inject CLEAN Studies?)
    • A physicians perspective on the ideal triage system for treating sleep disordered breathing
  • 11:45 Lunch
  • 1-2:30 Edmund Lipskis – The Modalities of Treatment
    • Grand Rounds of Numerous Case Studies
    • The evolving standard of care for treating sleep disordered breathing as a team (Specifically addressing the need for collaboration of providers for the success of treatment)
    • Treating children to their full genetic potential and how to establish optimal airways
  • 2:45 Local Panel
  • 4pm Closing Remarks Dr. Klauer

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Friday, November 17, 2017

6 CE/CME’s Available

Symposium taking place at the St. Joseph Conference Center; Sleeping rooms available at the adjoining Holiday Inn Hotel.  Click on the logo below to make hotel room reservations.



Breakfast and Lunch Provided

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