Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a patient who has suffered for decades with jaw pain, snoring and daily fatigue that they have finally found some relief. For years, she said “I had begun to think I was imagining the headaches…I was made to feel like it was ‘all in my head’ and that I couldn’t possibly be experiencing daily headaches.”

The truth is, this patient had been suffering for years. She was taking Tylenol and Excedrin daily to combat daily headaches. In addition to her headaches, the patient experienced loud snoring, jaw fatigue and neck and shoulder pain. While she had TMJ (temporomandibular joint) surgery when she was younger, the symptoms still remained. On top of it all, she also wore a Breath Right strip every night because she couldn’t breath through her nose.

What’s more, this patient is a nurse who has been surrounded by medical care her entire life and wasn’t able to get answers or the help she needed.

Finally, the patient couldn’t suffer anymore and even though she lives two hours away, she came to our offices seeking a lasting solution. We were able to diagnose her with severe inflammation in the TM joints. As soon as we were able to relieve this issue, the patient saw remarkable improvements.

“I feel so much better now, I realize how much I suffered all those years,” our patient told us.

We won’t stop at the jaw joints, though. We’ll continue to work with her as she updates her sleep and ENT evaluations and collaborate with these specialists to help our patient regain an overall better quality of life.

Our patient writes, “I really want you to know how very much I appreciate all you have done for me.” We are happy we could help!