Dr. Klauer has just been honored with an appointment to the Board of Directors of the American Board of Craniofacial Pain. As a member of the Board of Directors, he will be directly involved in developing strategies to help the organization achieve future goals.

ABCP Offers Professional Certification

For years, there wasn’t even a name for TMJ/TMD, and there was very little help for those who suffered from it, sleep disorders, and other head and neck pain. As these disorders began to be recognized and treated, medical professionals dealing with their treatment began to share information. They formed professional organizations to encourage sharing of information and the development of new protocols for treatment. They also realized that the public needed a way to identify the medical professionals who were qualified to treat these disorders.


The American Board of Craniofacial Pain was established in 1985. Its stated mission was to “assist the public by certifying that individuals who have the designation of “Diplomate of the American Board of Craniofacial Pain” have passed a certifying examination and are subject to periodic recertification.” That purpose has not changed. Today, the organization continues to provide a credentialing process so that the need for certified individuals can be fulfilled, and they encourage the high standards required to treat patients suffering from TMD, craniofacial pain, and breathing problems arising from sleep disorders.

Selection Requirements

The ABCP has a rigorous process that includes an exhaustive list of requirements that must be met for professionals to obtain this certification. For instance, the applicants must sit for written examinations and submit proof of completion of a roster of supplementary requirements. This includes hours of continuing education in dental sleep medicine and written certification of attending hours of on-site sleep medicine observation. The applicant must submit completed patient case studies and secure recommendations from two board-certified sleep physicians. And there are many more requirements that we won’t go into here, but each is aimed at ensuring that those applicants who complete them deserve the honor of certification.

Helping You to Choose High Quality Care

Many of you have suffered with untreated pain for years, often going from one doctor to another seeking relief. The truth is that many in the medical community still do not understand these disorders or how they should be treated. The American Board of Craniofacial Pain, through its well-thought-out and very extensive certification process, is fulfilling its mission to provide you and others with one tool to judge the potential knowledge of those who earn their certification. Dr. Klauer feels honored to have been chosen to contribute to their future successes. There are many causes at the root of poor sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping at night and you are in the Granger, Indiana, area, contact our office to schedule a consultation.