Did you know that one in five adults suffer from mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? That’s right, sleep apnea is much more common than you might have originally thought. But even more surprising are the symptoms of mild OSA. They include difficulty breathing, unusual tiredness, and snoring.

Yes! Your snoring problem could actually be a mild symptom of OSA. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help reduce the likelihood of snoring. Here are a few of the most effective snoring solutions for you to try tonight.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Something as simple as changing your sleeping position could actually help you stop snoring. Sleeping on your back can contribute to airways collapsing, so a quick switch to one side or the other is a solution that many people have claimed to be useful. Some people have even gone so far as to attach a tennis ball to their back in an effort to make sleeping in that position uncomfortable.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a natural depressant, which means it contributes to relaxation and sleepiness. While it might help you fall asleep, it could pose a threat to your breathing. Since alcohol relaxes your muscles, it can affect the muscles at the back of your throat, as well. So if you want to stop snoring, you should avoid those drinks before bed.

Open Your Nasal Passages

Rather than being a throat issue, your snoring problem could have everything to do with your nasal passages. Clearing them out with a hot shower, a neti pot, or even with nasal strips could prove a useful solution to your snoring problems.

Visit a Sleep Therapy Center

Of course, the most medically-sound snoring solutions are those that involve actual doctors. If you’re concerned about your snoring or think you might be suffering from mild OSA, it’s important that you make the effort to visit a sleep therapy center and work with a medical professional to devise effective snoring remedies.

Snoring can be harmless, but it should always be treated as a legitimate medical issue above all else. Once you’re aware of the issue, you can work towards more effective solutions.